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Chinese Minister of Education Chen Baosheng Visited Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College

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From News Center (Reported by Yang Lin and Luo Shihua from Publicity Department of the Party Committee; Photos by Zhu Jingmin, Zhang Tingting and Xie Yonghui) In March, spring is in the air on campus with Bauhinia blossoming. On the morning of March 28, Chinese Minister of Education Chen Baosheng,, visited our college, accompanied by Huang Junhua - Vice Chairman of Guangxi Province, Liu Youyi - Director of the Education Department of Guangxi Province, Hou Gang - Executive Vice Mayor of Liuzhou, and Lu Liuping - Vice Mayor of Liuzhou.

In the company of Liu Zilin - Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, and Gan Jinming - President of our college, Mr. Chen Baosheng and his delegation visited LiuGong Global Customer Experience Center, T5 Engineering Practice Center, T6 Training Workshop and other areas successively and made a detailed inspection and specific guidance on our college, such as school-running characteristics,  development of the integration of production and education, talent training, service to local enterprises, service to  “One Belt and One Road”  countries and other aspects, which has brought greater vitality to Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College. 

At the entrance of LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center, Mr. Chen Baosheng and his delegation watched the video about the development of the integration of industry and education of Liuzhou and our college, with which Mr. Chen expressed his satisfaction. At the Global Customer Experience Center, they visited to the AR/VR Teaching Area, LiuGong Global Smart Service Center and other areas, having a detailed understanding of our college’s achievements in the specialty of engineering machinery application and maintenance and the cooperation between our college and LiuGong in co-constructing the Global Customer Experience Center and its Overseas Sub-center and co-developing courses. Mr. Chen spoke highly of us on our college-enterprise cooperation model, and agreed with our college’s use of new technology to realize teaching.

At the T5 Engineering Practice Center, Mr. Chen Baosheng and his delegation went to the precision manufacturing teaching and production area, Intelligent Manufacturing Energizing Center and other areas of our college, having a detailed understanding of our college’s learning-working-integrated student training model, as well as cooperation between our college and enterprises etc. At the T6 Training Workshop, they learned the cooperation of our college-enterprise collaborative innovation . Mr. Chen expressed his affirmation while visiting.

Walking out of the T6 Training Workshop, Mr. Chen Baosheng sincerely and earnestly pointed out that talent training through vocational education should start from the needs of enterprises and the market. Nowadays, the market changes rapidly and the technology updates quickly, so talent training through vocational education should keep up with the pace of the development of the market and technology.

Before leaving, Mr. Chen Baosheng praised, “Your college has done an excellent job!”

Mr. Chen Baosheng’s visit to our college, especially his affirmation and praise of our college, caused a strong response among lecturers and students. In particular, a series of reports on Mr. Chen’s guidance and inspection on our college were posted on the official college WeChat account from March 30 to April 1, which has greatly inspired the enthusiasm of all lecturers and students in work and study. The new blueprint indicates bright prospects and the new journey is inspiring. All lecturers and students said they would implement Mr. Chen Baosheng’s speech spirit during his visit; and all lecturers and students are stimulated to work together and forge ahead to further promote our college’s five reform and innovation measures, speed up the establishment of “National Double High-Level Plan” and the three-year action plan for high-quality development, overcome various difficulties, and realize a good start of the “14th Five-year Plan”, so as to help the college develop various undertakings with high quality and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements. 


Mr. Chen Baosheng watchs the promotional videos about integrated development of industry and education of Liuzhou and our college


Mr. Chen Baosheng has an in-depth inspection at the Global Customer Experience Center


Mr. Chen Baosheng makes an in-depth inspection at the T5 Engineering Practice Center


Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, reports on the Luosifen pre-packing automatic production line to Mr.Chen Baosheng


Mr. Chen Baosheng listens to the report in front of the exhibition boards


Mr. Chen Baosheng takes a group photo with the leaders on spot


Department Reviewer: Yang Lin from Publicity Department of the Party Committee

Story Editor of the College’s Master Station: Luo Shihua from Publicity Department of the Party Committee