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Good News: We Won the Second Place of Traditional South Lion Group in 2020 Guangxi Campus Dragon & Lion Dance Championship

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From News Center (Reported and Photos by Qin Yangqiang from the School of General Education) In order to promote and develop the excellent traditional Chinese culture, inherit the quintessence of Chinese culture, and carry forward the dragon-lion spirit, the 2020 Guangxi Campus Dragon & Lion Dance Championship, sponsored by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration of Sport, was held in Teng County Specialized Secondary School from December 29 to 30, 2020. This competition was divided into three groups: primary school group, middle school group and college group. More than 20 teams participated in it, and LVTC dragon & lion team won the second place of Traditional South Lion Group for its excellent performance.

In the competition, all teams showed their unique skills. We saw lifelike lions and dragons jumping and flying in the competition field. The competition was exciting and full of auspiciousness and joy.

The show “Drunken Lion Dance” by LVTC team delivered the high-spirited mental outlook of LVTC students. With the help of props, it showed the lion’s expressions of joy, anger, surprise, suspicion, ferocity and drunkenness. Through integration of motion and quietness, it reflected the lion's spirit of going through all hardships, overcoming any difficulties and bravely walking on. It finally won the applause of audiences and high affirmation of judges.

Dragon & lion dance into the campus is not only an effective measure to promote and inherit the intangible cultural heritage, but also a good means to develop the campus characteristic art and nationwide fitness campaign. In this competition, LVTC dragon & lion team showed the fine style of facing up to the challenges and fighting tenaciously, the community spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and the value concept of seeking truth and striving for excellence.


Brilliant Performance of LVTC Dragon & Lion Team (1)


Brilliant Performance of LVTC Dragon & Lion Team (2)


Team Members and Instructors Liu Yexin (the fifth one from the left) and Qin Yangqiang (the sixth one from the left)


Runner-up Trophy