“Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP)” training certification center of American Hotel & Lodging Association

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In 2019, the School successfully joined the Global Academic Partner (GAP) of American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute (AHLA-EI), and thereby became the third (in Guangxi) and the “only” (in Liuzhou) GAP school. By the introduction of curriculum training system and professional competence certification system recognized and implemented by global brand chain hotels, the teachers and students majoring in hotel management have been improved remarkably in international high-end skills. Now, the teachers of hotel management major are carrying out the standard localization of 12 courses from AHLA-EI.

◆Be licensed to offer CGSP professional certification courses.
◆Be licensed to use the name and trademark of AHLA-EI in publicity.
◆Be recognized internationally to publicize on EI’s official website and GAP’s  school website to strengthen industry reputation.
◆Access to a complete international advanced curriculum system (textbooks, curriculum programmes, teaching auxiliary resources, examination questions, examinations, assessments and certificates).
◆Access to EI teaching resources (teacher’s guide, examination questions, etc.) open only to GAP schools.
◆Students who have completed the courses certified by the American Council on Education (ACE) can transfer credits among ACE certified schools, and credits can also be transferred among GAP schools.